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Hi, I'm Ellen.

I believe our privilege as global citizens also requires of us a commitment to global engagement and social responsibility. That’s why I work to increase opportunity for vulnerable communities at home and around the globe by supporting grassroots-level community development and advocacy.



Ellen has an incredible mind that is creative and along with ability to make solid assessments. She offers a fresh approach to viewing and analyzing situations while making solid well thought out recommendations. She has integrity, is trustworthy and simply delivers with whatever she sets out to accomplish. I have personally seen her in action and she would be a huge asset to any team.
Brian Kerney / Executive Director, Uncharted International, Inc.
Ellen is a really wonderful woman who comes to the table with a powerful combination of character, skill, empathy, and creativity. She is great at doing collaborative work with other people and organizations, but also has a special ability to bring fresh ideas of her own into the mix. While her work at CABHN demonstrates her commitment to improving the well-being of some of Connecticut’s most vulnerable people, she has a professional demeanor that would fit well in virtually any non-profit or corporate environment.
Doug Hall, PhD / Executive Director, National Priorities Project
I have worked with Ellen as a steering committee member of CABHN. She is organized, efficient and passionate about issues affecting low-income families. She is a strong advocate and quite skilled at working collaboratively with a diverse group of organizations and individuals.
Janet Alfano, MSW / Executive Director, The Diaper Bank